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south florida farmers unite (or at least put yourself on the member map)

i realy feel like i am on my own down here. i have a decent set up and know of a few people who are trying to get started. but we realy need to pull together and act like a comunity or we never will be. so rase your hands so others can find you.

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Anyone discovering mosquito larvae in their systems? Shouldn't be in there because the water flushes and drains, the fish tank is aerated and tilapia eat mosquito larvae. However, when I opened a bell siphons this a.m. I discovered a bunch of newly hatched small flying things. I'm pretty sure they weren't mosquitoes and looked more like gnats but I was shocked to see them and wondered if anyone else is having this "problem." 

jdmeetze said:

I had to phone around to some of the construction supply places. Most everyone had only limestone rock which is not what we want to use. I lucked up and one guy had a 1/4 bed full left over from a custom order that I got for $20. They did mention next time that they can order anything it just takes it a while to get in so I guess that would hold true for most supply places here. But I guess that is the issue...they can get anything but because it has to be trucked in the cost is NOT favorable. The only other thing I found that people sometimes keep is Basalt (Bluestone) which is crushed volcanic rock. That can be cheaper because the size we want 1/2 - 1 inch is actually the leftovers from sorting the larger stuff they sell the most of for lawn and decorative work. I will call a couple of business's in the industrial park up near Ft Myers off of MLK Blvd. this week and post up what pricing I get.

Robert Dietrich said:

Hi, I live in Naples too and was wondering if you found a good place to get grave at reasonable prices? I am just starting to set up a system. 

jdmeetze said:

Naples, FL here. No large setup yet just testing concepts.



Hi everyone, just beginning my setup in Naples too, i`m gonna need media to fill at least 4 beds 4' x 4' x 10" in 5 or 6 days, what about the supplier in Naples? Have anyone ask to the local aggregate suppliers?  buying by the yard can be cheaper, also does anyone knows where to find red tilapia around here? thanks for your help.

CandyK here in Naples, FL  We are in the process of setting up an Aquaponics system.  Would LOVE to hear from you and how you are doing.

I'm down in the Keys and have had an operating system for three years now. Had an incredible Fall/Winter but summer has been pretty much a bust. The "summer" tomatoes I put in never really produced and the eggplant became covered i white flies. So now I'm getting ready to start the next fall/winter garden and have high hopes. Just depends on how humid it is. Last January was very humid here and mildew wiped out my cukes so I'm going to start them earlier. Had a bumper crop of tomatoes last season and that more than made up for the cuke problem. Same with lettuce. Great season. 

Just at two of my tilapia and will start eating them regularly. 

Good luck. South Florida is a great place for aquaponics. 

Bob -

Curious as to how your system is working?  What  fish did you choose?  I'm in Coral Springs.

Bob Vento said:

Miami here and just in the design and planning stage but very eager to get started.

Doing a lot of homework and this forum is AWESOME and so are the people willing to help us newbies.

I will keep everyone posted to our progress through our blog here on this site. We should have our system up and running sometime in April ... that is our plan anyway :-)

I'm down in the Keys and my system has been working out really well. I stocked it with tilapia. Last "winter" the lowest temps were only in the 50s so I only had to add heat on a couple of chilly nights. 


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