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Hi fellow Floridans,  I have a ~50 foot artesian pond that I want to convert for tilapia fish production and garden production for our family.  I have a second smaller pond as well as I can use for duck weed growth to augment diet. I want things as "natural" as possible and would like to grow a conventional garden in the soil.  It seems to me that since my pond is artesian I don't need to recycle the water back to the pond so I could have a hybrid aquaponic/geoponic system.  Anyone have any feedback on this idea or see any flaw in this idea.  Further my 5th grade son is doing this idea as a real world problem for his science project so I'd appreciate any resources that would help him as well.  Next year his project will be to build what he designs. (sorry to have used the wrong button and inadvertently sent message instead of discussion).  Thx in advance for any advice, Sandra.

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John, in Florida it is Blue Tilapia only. No permit needed


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