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Does anyone know where to buy grow media in bulk, cheap in Panama City?  We need approximately 25 cubic feet.

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Don't worry so much about the pH, it will come down eventually, 7.6 is fine for cycling up.

You added too much pee (and it is possible your pH down may have contained ammonia as well)  You don't want your ammonia quite so high, you may need to do a partial water change to get the ammonia down to the 4 or below range to get cycling to really get going.  It usually takes about 6 weeks to fully cycle up, however, if you get both the ammonia and nitrite down to .25 or below, you could add fish then, or continue dosing the ammonia to between 1-2 ppm and then see if both ammonia and nitrite can get down to 0 in 24 hours then you are good and fishlessly cycled and getting fish will be far less likely to cause a spike.

Just saw your post.  Would love to have 30 of them....let me know

Tonya Bailey said:

We started cycling about a week before you did, I think. We only need about 30 fish but will probably go ahead and take the 100 and try to sell the rest, or give the extra to our neighbor across the street who has a fish pond (if he'll take them). I was kinda thinking that if you want to we can sell you however many you needed for whatever they charge us for each. Hopefully we can get through to them very soon. Let me know if you would like to. It will save you a trip!


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