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I have I few black acaras in a fishtank in my classroom that have bred.  There must be a hundred fry in the tank. I was going to leave them in and let them get eaten, but I think I'll move them to a different tank and see if anyone wants them for their aquaponic projects.  They grow fast and are very hardy to different water conditions (the parents were caught out of a local lake by students)

There is a good picture and description of them on this page:


I'm in West Tampa



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Hi Anthony,  Interesting fish.

Once I am ready for fish I might take you up on the offer, IF you still have any.  

I read they can tolerate temporary temperature drops to 60° F (16° c).
Hardness: 1 - 10°dH
Ph: 6.0 - 7.0
Temp: 66 - 75° F (19 - 24° C)

Medium sized cichlid reaching about 6 - 8 inches

Do you have any other growth stats like maturity rate - life span, ??


I drive through Tarpon to visit my family (and work office) several times a year.



Sorry- I already gave them away, but I think they will probably breed all year since the parents are inside.  These were caught in the wild so the temp can probably get down lower than 60.  pH here is about 7.4.  I'll let you know if I get more



Thanks Anthony.  Do keep me in mind.  We attend the Tarpon Springs Fine Art Festival (end of March/early April).  My husband provides the sound for the event almost every year.  We'll be there again for 2012.


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