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I was poking around on some online stores (and brick and mortar ones too) and I've yet to find any books, videos or anything on bioponics. It's so sad that I'm almost thinking of writing one, if only I wasn't so green to it. I wonder if anyone has found anything that would be useful, aside from this wonderful forum, does anyone know of any good resources?

I'm just so torn on different topics, and not being able to "look it up" is tough for a research addict like me.

For example, in hydroponics, it is normal to dose your system with enough nutrients that it will last a week (possibly two). But in my system, I've been trained to dose it every day (or two). Which method is safe and effective? Definitely would be a time saver if I only had to dose it once a week...

Also, since bioponics has faster nitrification action than say aquaponics (please correct me if I am wrong) then how much gravel do I need to grow? I know one authority says 12" deep for aquaponics, but is this true for bio? What's the minimum depth of a GB for good nitrification?

Why is my french sorrel doing so poorly in my "leafy greens" bed, when everything else is flourishing?

The ins and outs of all my options when flowering/fruiting... and dosages for those options.

Can the plants tolerate higher temperatures since they are constantly immersed in water? If so, what is too hot?

What is a good GPH flow rate for constant flow deep water culture? Should I aerate the res?

Why are their tadpoles in my reservoir and should I let them be or should I worry?

Are worms necessary in a bioponics system and can they survive in it?

What is the maximum dosage of urine (tbsp/gall) that I can do without burning the most sensitive plants?

IS it a good idea or not to simply leave oyster shells sitting in the res to provide a constant slow buffer to the acidifying process of the rapid nitrification?

Why does some pee turn dark and some stay light when aged?

Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I think it's a terrible waste (pun slightly intended) when I use a public urinal?

The list goes on....

I think a Bioponics book is needed now. If anyone wants to author (or co-author) a book, please let me know since I am such a rookie. 

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     I fear the reason there is no book yet is that the answers to most of your questions are all going to be the same.

"It Depends"

The term bio-ponics really covers a vast range of methods.  Aquaponics IS a form of Bio-Ponics.  Bio-ponics is really any method that utilizes bio-filtration to convert natural fertilizers into plant usable forms in a hydroponic growing set up.

So unless you really pin down exactly what method you are going to focus on, trying to answer all your questions for all possible forms of bio-ponics for all possible types of plants in all possible types of growing methods in all climates is going to take decades to do the experiments to answer all the questions. This is the most comprehensive "anything" I've seen on the subject.


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