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As promised, here is a link back to my Pee Ponics Thread on BYAP





Pee Ponics

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These plants were grown with Pee-ponics. Notice the ripe tomato and flowering plants.

Not bad eh?

TC, that is still the  definitive thread on the topic. I remember the first two times that I read it, being really quite surprised at the amount of psychological resistance to the idea, and all the (well to me anyways) rather skewed logic behind some of that resistance. A really good read at any rate.

"...I'd personally like to keep other people from contaminating my "waste" with chemicals..." - classic!!! 

Vlad, Thank you


   Beautiful.  (I'm really interested in how those plants are growing, what sort of system is it?  Perhaps needs it's own thread.)

Yeah Carey, give us the run down on the system. Pretty impressive looking :) I remember seeing some similar if not these fotos some time ago on your page, had no idea the were pee-ponics, I think they were just labeled as experimental wall something...

This is the basis of my greenwall system. It is merely a hydroponic system that I experiment with for the past four years, testing different materials and plant cultivars for Beijing's unusual climate. I'll try to write a blog about greenwalls if you are interested.

This actually works better than hydroponics using reactive reagents because there is little salting, so much less maintenance. There is a word for that: salting and constriction of the apertures due to chemicals coming in contact with oxygen. In hydroponics a perforated tube needs to be chemically treated while PVC tubes need to have their bores cleaned/ re-punched. I add one to three fresh pisses a week during spring and early summer, then about 1.5 to 2 L of processed urine about once a week/ ten days maybe more, depending on if I see any signs of deficiencies. 

Your greenwall is quite impressive and all from piss, there has got to be more to it?


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