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The results of adding 1/2 tsp of some old home milled soybean flour containing urease enzymes to 32 oz of fresh urine are pretty amazing:

after one day the urease aged humonia tested ph 9+ and ammonia tested 4ppm from 2ml in 64oz of 85F well water!

Comparing this to Vlad's figures last Fri for aged humonia "It should only take about 250ml (less than 8.45oz) to get 300 gallons of water to an ammonia level of 2ppm" the equivalent for 4ppm in 64oz of water would be 0.83 ml or 2.4x stronger than the ammonia of the one day urease aged humonia.

After humonia reaches over 9ph does it continue to produce ammonia?  I hope so and will continue testing the urease aged humonia.

The rest of the story: This morning I was surprised to smell noticeable ammonia on the urease aged humonia I started yesterday.  I found Sylvia's 64oz test proceedure as a good way to determine the ppm ammonia.  First I tested 10% ammonia hydroxide as a base test.  It takes 0.1ml or 2 drops in 64oz of water to produce 4ppm ammonia.  Then I tested the urease aged humonia adding more drops until it tested 4ppm.  It was 40 drops or 2ml to test 4ppm. 

The urease enzyme in milled raw soy beans (not store bought soy flour) really does speed up the hydrolizing of urea.  But does it also lower the finished ammonia ppm?  Time will tell .

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Thanks Safwat, It's going to be more useful this summer if I'm running low on Ammonia.  I've never done AP, HP or PP and not sure how much ammonia I'll be using, but I want to grow a big garden!  I think its incredible that human urine can be recycled to benefit agriculture.  It also saves money by not flushing the toilet as often. 

Safwat Zaki said:

Thanks Gene for sharing your experience. This is a great achievements and makes the process faster!


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