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I know I am new to the filtration discussion,  I need....some advice.  What I am trying to do, and I want to know if this will work    I have a IBC tank that will have fish (35) I would like to take (2) 55 gallon barrels, for the filtration.  From the fish tank, will flow to the first barrel(hopefully to drop most of the solids), with no pump, the 1st barrel will flow into the 2nd barrel.  The 2nd barrel will have a pump that will pump water to (4)strawberry towers, 2 small DWC rafts, and a NFT.  The strawberry towers will run into a sump tank, which will pump back to the IBC tank.  The DWC and NFT will drain back without a pump to the IBC tank.  My question is, will the 2- 55 gallon barrels be enough filtration, or will I have to add a bio-filter.  I appreciate any information and advice I can receive.  I am in the process of putting it all together and need help!!!!!!! Randy

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I'm curious where you went with the idea and how it worked out with the barrels. I would think that it was enough.

I have an IBC FT with over 1000 Tilapia in it. They reproduce for something to do.Trust me I know that's unheard of but I have it working. I have a swirl filter (formerly a radial flow) but quite frankly it doesn't filter much. I feed the water to 2 IBC media grow beds and 1 IBC dwc bed. I have red wiggler worms in the media beds. Obviously I'm not focused on growing out fish so I keep feeding low to control water #s but some fish are getting to good size. I think the worms are the answer to solids removal. I saw somewhere that feeding fish and throwing away the solids was foolish because those solids are all full of nutrients. In my opinion you should trade at least 1 of your filters in for a IBC media grow bed with worms fed directly from your FT. Just feed your fish as much as they need to supply enough nutrients to your plants.


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