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Would like to work on developing a Tilapia feed recipe. It would consist of several  possible component categories. 1. Animal or bug Protein, fish products, BSF  2. Grains, Corn, Soy, Rice, carbs. 3. Greens like lettuce, Alfalfa, Duckweed or Moringa plant and other plant materials 4. Fruits? don't hear too much about this but why not Banana or other fruits? 5. Spices or flavorings. 6. Vitamins, maybe not as necessary with the above well balanced diet?  7. Preservatives other necessary additives.    Would just like to nail it down a bit. There are many variables, depending on available supplies. Primarily might need to dry (solar), and grind into a even mixture. Also to follow through and discuss different ways to process into feedable form, pellets or pieces. A lot of discussion on various aspects, but lets do it and come up with a generic recipe. I think if we knew what went into many of the pellets we buy the recipe would be much less intimidating to put together. Many people do not have access to prepared feed or finances available. Thanks!! and hope to hear your inputs.

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Here are a couple more links I saved. I will link more as I find them. In general, not something that's discussed in length on the interweb it seems. From what I can tell feed production is something when people get right, they try to guard their secrets closely. Personally I would rather share the info.

Based on the youtubes I decided to search for "pearsons square method" and "fish" which comes up with much more interesting info. Once I have had time to read some I will post the good links, but just wanted to share for now to give you a head start.

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