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Aquaponics start-up. Still undergoing business plan - In SPAIN - Help need it (please)

Hello every body. I am seriously researching in order to create a AQ start-up. Hope to develop a feasible business plan. It looks like no one has tried AQ in Spain al though it is a perfect country of its characteristics.  I would very much appreciate any kind of help. Also some realistic numbers fro some of you already running AQ profitable businesses. I am also very much in need of how to get some providers/vendors of AQ systems in continental Europe as I have not found any serious system around here. 

It seams Europe needs a little help from the aquaponics community.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


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What sort of Business are you talking about?  Aquaponic Farming or Retail Sales?

It is kinda unrealistic to expect other businesses to freely provide their books and business numbers on the internet or to just anyone who asks and wants to copy them.

And even if they did, can you really expect a business in a very different market to be running a business plan that can be simply cut and pasted into any other market and still be successful/feasible?

Hola Atreyu

I am interested in creating a AQ Business plan in Spain. I currently live California and have taken two intensive classes with Jon Parr. In the near future, I will work as an intern at his AQ workshop in Half Moon Bay, CA. my wife who is a Spanish national has many contacts in Spain, mainly from her family. All of which are interested in AQ. We plan to move to Spain in June or July of next year to start a Farmer's market size system. Would like to chat with more people in Spain with the same feeling we have about the possibilities of a profitable Aquaponics system in the south of Spain. If interested, please respond


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