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Does anybody know of any fisheries near Colorado Springs or Pueblo that will sell small quantities of trout to individuals?

I've been to Liley Fisheries in Boulder twice, and they are awesome, but the 4-hour round trip is a killer - mostly going through Denver is a nightmare. 

I picked up 50 trout from them yesterday, then when I was almost home, took a turn too sharply and dumped all of my trout and water in the bed of the truck!  That's another story entirely.  Needless to say, after several hours on the road, I was pretty discouraged.  I was going to give up on trout just because of the hassle of picking them up, but I thought I would check and see if anybody knows of any that might be closer to us.  Denver is good, too, but I figured if I said "near Denver," that would include Boulder, and I've decided that's just too far.   :-(


Thanks in advance.

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Did you check into the hatchery near pueblo reservoir?

Contact: Dave Harris,, or 719-561-5355


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