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My customers inspired me to begin building small aquaponic systems that could fit on a condo lanai. After tinkering around with a few designs a came up with a couple systems that are easy and cheep to build. I always liked the barrelponics idea but found it too complicated so I simplified it a little.

We began selling these systems earlier this year. We have two basic models the single barrel and the double barrel. We offer a tower option for each model.









The single barrel.
































The single barrel with a tower.
























The double barrel.

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I've heard of putting on a 'thinking cap'....but Chris, if you came up with these great ideas by wearing a 'hat of plants', I'm going outside to put some on my head too !

These are some nice simple designs. I'm in the process of building a hybrid flood and drain/nft system but I want to build one of these as well. I was wondering what is the purpose of the small box on the single barrel system? Thanks for the inspiration!

The box houses my 15 minute timer and air pump. We get regular rain and sometimes it is sideways so I like to keep the electrical stuff protected. I use the same timer box for all the systems.

I really like how you have simplified the double barrel system and make it look some what attractive.

I was wondering how you fastened the half barrels to the framing and if you ever had any issues with weight and  the barrel tearing out.

I'm planning on building my first outdoor system for the growing season up here in Canada.  I only learned of the existence of AP two weeks ago and I am extremely hooked.   keep up the amazing work

I use stainless steel screws to attach the barrels to the frame. My media is very light and there isn't too much water that fills the voids in the media which keeps the overall weight low when flooded. The barrels are made of extremely durable plastic and I have never had any tearing issues.

awesome.  thank you very much


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