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A long with the Extreme hotel aquaponics I have been working at the Taino Farm building out a nursery system, tilapia breeding room and 2 x 4000gal RBS systems. 

We have had our up and downs with harsh weather, pest, right plants, sealing tanks and power issues (as we are 100% solar).

I will post photos to show where we are and where e are going to start, them would love comments and feed back.

 We built our own cement form for our fish tanks.

Plumbing going in and water begins to flow. We used Rubberizit liquid paint, the white kind for the first time as we had already used the black. We did have some issues at first with it drying consistently but soon had it working well. The other system will have the black Rubberizit!  

Plants going in.

The fish going in. We had to put the fish in well before the system was ready because the breeding room had produced more fish than we had space for. Luckily I used bio-ball from an older system to jump start the process.

The second 2 x 2000gal tanks system is build and the same way and is now also up and running. The main problem is the rain and wind bringing in black spot and wind damage as we have no green house at the moment. The greenhouse will go in in September so we will continue growing what we can for the time being. 

I have been lucky to have found a new seed local supplier who has been nice enough to give me seedling to trial. Tomatoes, melons and eggplant of our normal organic garden have all gone in with some very promising results from all.



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