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Just a few days left to check out the aquaponics exhibits at the State Fair in Sacramento, and this Friday (7/27) and Saturday (7/28) will be particularly special.


Friday is "Fish Friday", featuring cooking demonstrations in the outdoor kitchen next to the aquaculture/aquaponics displays, using farm-raised fish.  Different chefs all day, first one at 11 AM and last one scheduled to start at 5 PM.  They'll be giving out some quantity of free samples too!  Fair opens at 10 AM that day. 


Then for Saturday, we just found out that Max Meyers, well-respected aquaponics and permaculture instructor from Willits, CA, will be making the trip to come volunteer at the State Fair aquaponics exhibit!  ETA is around 10 AM (which is opening time for the fair that day). 


I know lots of local aquaponics people will be around for both those days, so come on down, check it out, learn some stuff, and have fun hanging out together!


If you can't make it one of those days, the fair, including our exhibit, is also open Thursday, 7/26, starting 11 am.  And then again on Sunday, 7/29 (final day of the fair), starting 10 am. Exhibit is closed down by 8:00 pm every night.  Other parts of the fair are open later.




Posted by Paul Trudeau on July 15, 2012 at 8:45am in California Aquaponics:

"come to aquaponics displays at the State Fair"


Hi fellow California aquaponics folks - 

FYI, Sacramento folks, in cooperation with the California Aquaculture Association, have integrated an aquaponics component into the long-standing aquaculture exhibit at the State Fair in Sacramento, which runs until July 29.  Come on by!  It's part of "The Farm" area of the Fair.  We have five or six different displays, including media bed (desktop and backyard-sized), towers (DIY & kit), NFT, and a tiny nod to rafts.  9 local aquaponics folks are volunteering at the exhibit at different times.  Not all times are covered, but if you know when you're coming, let me know and I'll see if we can have someone there.  Would love to meet more of you.  

The aquaculture exhibit opens the same time as the Fair every day, and the exhibit closes at 6:00 pm every day.



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Props Paul!

We need someone to do the same at the LA County Fair!

Hi everyone,

Max Meyers' arrival time at the State Fair is now estimated to be around 12:30 pm Saturday.



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