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after years of killing fish, we are excited to reveal our first smart aquaponics controller v1.

this is basically 10+ years of aquaponics experience in a microchip.

this is in a mature stage and will soon be available for public use.

the v1 controller is a wifi based web smart controller  with 8 input sensors, 4 relay outputs - alerts and messages are sent using tweets.

in fact we have our first remote smart aquapononic installation in san mateo - this is a hack of our v1 controller (designed for one growbed see below) ... to drive 3 growbeds and two fish tanks using indexing values, 3 way controller values and a valve actuator.

siphons are too finicky and not scalable...  indexing valves are more reliable and efficient for large installations. these are shown above and the grow beds controlled are shown below. one fish tank is just below you and the other behind the shed ... the electronics are in the shed. the lumber is a greenhouse shelter coming up.

some sensors on the grow bed are shown below ... these tell very accurately how high the water is in the grow bed

the brains ... embedded linux makes a strong platform for high level processing to the arduino based shield for aquaponics automation. ... notice the quick - dirty enclosure and rapid prototype ... will shortly replace this with a production grade device shortly.

perhaps i can tell more if folks are interested in these kind of things. ... for more information see kijani grows ...farming with my devices from anywhere is so fun i don't even need plants or fish in my garden.

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Nice :-)

God bless


... life messages from the indoor garden shown above

garden tweet alerts

live sensor feed from garden

Ive been thinking about automation for my aquaponics system for some time now. I first was going to use a parallax board and chip but now Im thinking different. I am in the process of building a greenhouse and setting up a Chop 2 system using 3 ibc totes. I want to set it up to use your controller. Can you send me a link where I can see the things I need?

Thank you

hey david ... thank you for your interest. at some point i will open source this project, but i am not there yet. in the mean time ... is the best place to find out more. the main components are the micro-controller (arduino), the aquaponics shield, the linux router and the backend servers. then there are sensors and actuators ... software is for driving the shield, the linux utilities and the backend server pieces. you can get the smart aquaponics controller + software from me for a discounted cost, or you can get the shield and built everything yourself. you can use my backend for data analysis. the devices are very easy to hack and re-configure for any other systems such as a chop system. asante sana.

Very interesting thread and your web site has been saved.  It has been a year since your update to this thread so it would be nice to see your completed system and what you have learned from your implementation.  I am just starting my research and lean towards automation, IF it has high MTBF and does not cost like gold.  I am still investigating different system designs (CHOP, CHOP2, Queensland, etc.).  Even though I am in Houston I think some form of greenhouse is needed, more for winter and talpia temperatures, but I still have a long way to go.  I do not see a $15K greenhouse or a $10K turnkey Aquaponic system in my future, and your system looks like it will fit into my design thoughts.

Thanks for sharing.



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