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The Eden AquaPonics MACC is a fully automated system comprised entirely of industrial grade automation components. All components are rated at a service life of 100,000 cycles or more. This equates to over twenty years of service life on every component. All components are readily available and are easily field serviceable.

The MACC has 5 major components:

'1- Programmable Logic Controller

2- HMI (Human Machine Interface)

3- Input Sensors

4- Secondary high current relays

5- Power Supply

1: The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an intelligent user programmable process controller capable of controlling and monitoring virtually any kind of sensor, switch or device connected to the PLC. This is "NOT" an aquarium, pool or water quality-monitoring device. The PLC is "ANYTHING" you want it to be. We write the program that best suits your needs. The PLC is as basic as you need, or it is expandable to support an entire commercial growing operation. The PLC is rated for the tough marine environment as well and can handle continuous 95% humidity.

The PLC has full Ethernet and internet connectivity built right in. You supply a high-speed internet connection directly to the unit (no external router needed). If you are remote and no connection is available, the PLC supports an external cellular modem for internet connectivity over wireless. If an internet connection is provided you have "FULL" remote access to everything the PLC can do. Via GUI (Graphical User Interface), you have full visibility and full control of all your processes that are running in the unit. The PLC also supports multiple web cameras for a real time look at your system. The PLC will also generate statistical data and graphs that are available on the unit locally or on the web page that is set up for the unit. The PLC will also send email and text-based messages to your inbox or mobile phone. You can instantly be notified of system alarms or simply get status updates. You are not limited in the number of email recipients either, you can program in as many as you need.

2: HMI is the Human Machine Interface that allows full visibility to the PLC. The most common HMI is the 5.7" 256 color touch-screen interface. Monochrome displays and larger 65K color displays are available up to 10 inches. With the touch screen, you get to see your system in operation via custom designed screens with active graphics. The information you want displayed is only limited by what you can connect to the PLC. Standard information for the aquaponics environment would include, but is not limited to:

    - Greenhouse, system water and exterior temperature.

    - System water level, system air supply and pump operations.

    - pH, DO readings for multiple tanks and configurations.

    - Current task running and manual control of processes if desired.

    - Statistical data on anything you want to graph or display.

The HMI can be located in the most convenient location for your system. All other components can be located out of sight and out of mind.

3: Input sensors are anything you need to gather information for the PLC. This can range anywhere from a pH probe to liquid level and flow sensors. If there is a sensor or switch made for your purpose, the PLC can interface directly to it and be programmed to process the information you need.

4: The secondary higher current relays are controlled by the PLC. These relays can be built to handle even the largest amounts of current required by large pumps, heaters or even grow lights. If the current rating exceeds the maximum rating on the PLC relays, the secondaries can handle the load.

5: The PLC power supply is specific to your needs. The MACC and all system components can be built for the voltage you need.

If you are nterested in automating a single grow bed or an entire commercial growing operation the MACC is what you need. We build each system to suit your needs with the same components that industry around the world relies upon every day.


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This definitely looks like an interesting product. Now that it's a few months later, I'm curious if you have any installations of this that you could detail? There seem to be a good amount of systems out there all hitting a slightly different angle of the complete setup. Either way, best of luck to you!


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