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There are several good discussions on the forums remote monitoring. There is a general consensus of a lack of products specific to the needs of AP gardeners, hence a variety of DIY projects.

John R, fueled my thoughts with a post on using a Linux Server as a central hub/webserver that was connected to the Internet for remote viewing/control and connected to a variety of 'modules' in the greenhouse.

It is reminiscent of my early days as a Wireless Internet service provider. There wasn't a ready made solution, so we improvised, and eventually the market caught the vision and developed products. My first 10 mile wireless datalink consisted of a couple linux servers in rubbermaid totes... this can now be done with a variety of INEXPENSIVE mass produced products. Some of these products would make Ideal servers for AP systems. Low power requirements, highly reliable, extreme environments.

If we break it down to 'projects' and 'modules', collectively we could develop a working system relatively quickly.












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I take note that  Serotonin Software is no longer supporting 

Eoin Ross said:

I have looked into using this on a linux box for talking to an Automationdirect DL06 for a work project. It seems easy to get up an running, and has the ability to talk a large number of protocols. It didn't fit well for that project but looks a good one for Aquaponics.


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