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arduino's have a future in aquaponics in my mind.  Not many people talking about their use of arduino's and aquaponics.  Windowfarm groups are much more active with arduino's and control of systems.  I have just completed my auto mode function that I presented at Make:SF meeting featuring aquaponics in the Bay Area.  The auto mode function controls the following components:


water pump - controlled by relay with timer function for turning on and off when needed

media probe - determines water level in grow bed will cause water pump to shut off when needed

gravity feed valve -  drains grow bed after time period

float switch - controls water level in tank and protects water pump in case water gets to low in tank

start button - when pushed starts auto mode function LED lights goes from red to green for on


My media probe needs to be re-calibrated and I am moving to a new resistor configuration on this demo unit.  Once completed I will do a video to demonstrate the functionality and how the cycle performs.  I will next develop the KILL BUTTON function.  Then move on to 4 one-wire temperature probes and LCD display of options and temperature readings at request of user.




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Hi Rik, 

looking at the webserver logs, I figured you tried to login to (but created account for only). You need a separate account for the project site, please sign up here.

However, if only looking for the flashable binary, you may find it under the apduinos-headless files without registration.

Hope this helps!



Geroge - Thanks for the help and helping me understand the site.  I will contact you off-line once I have looked over the new content.


Hi Rik,

thank you for taking your time and checking out the project. I am looking forward for your off-topic contact (feel free to use my email, I believe you should have it from your blog)...


After retiring from doing electric utility automation and doing aquaponics for the last year. I I interested in the path of making the aquaponics practically work on it's own. With an airlift pump and gravity, it's working on next to no power.
Having a system to remotely monitor the system so I can know what it's state is at any time or document it's operation history would be my goal. Perhaps some control for secondary systems and convienence.
Anyone familiar with this going to be at the conference in Denver in September?

Finally got tired of nitpicking the arduino code, and handed control over to the new system.  I get water temp, air temp, relative humidity, flow confirmation from the sump, start records and duration records on the flood and drain.

  I still don't have alerts unless I am home (within bluetooth range), but at least I don't have to worry about intense water loss.  My new system has an ultrasonic sensor watching the level of water in the fish tank.  If the bottom drops out over 4 inches past average, the outgoing pump turns off until the situation is resolved.  Soon I will have the house computer sending me texts if this situation arises.

I am about to add the larger grow beds to my bottle system and I figure I will make so many more changes to the system that I might as well just get the beta testing over with.  I have twenty more bottles to put online after the family Christmas parties -- woo hoo!

I will try to post info on what all I did around the new year's holiday for anyone that is interested.

Hi Izzy and Rik I need contact with you guys I'm computer engineering student here in Brazil and I'm very interested in how to monitor ammonia, nitrate, DO, pH, water temps and send alerts via SMS text message(send SMS is not too important for me right now) using arduino.

Izzy said:

I have been looking into this.  Here are some items on my list:


-Monitor ammonia, nitrate, DO, pH, water temps and send alerts via SMS text message

-Monitor air temperature and control a servo to open greenhouse vents or fan or both

-Automated fish feeder, and updates via text including expected growth and weight based on feed/temps

-Harvest alerts via text msg

-Automation of advanced nutrient management



Sparkfun has a DO kit.  That's the one parameter that in my experience can change fast enough to cause problems.  For the other parameters you can do manual tests that are more accurate than sensors.

Jeremiah - had not seen the DO kit as yet.  Sparkfun will be at Maker Faire - San Mateo, CA  - May 17-18.  So will check it out.  I will have a display there as well.

I am writing a book on how to use an Arduino to monitor and automate an aquaponic or hydroponic system. I would be happy to converse with people on this subject. I would be interested in what your needs are, what solutions you have come up with, and I would also be happy to send preliminary copies of the book to people for comments and suggestions. Anyone interested can reply here, or (better) send email directly to me at This my third book about Arduinos. You can search for David Leithauser on to see my other books as  reference if you are interested.


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