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Greetings all,


I have made a few android applications in the past, and looking to apply my skills toward aquaponics.   I would like to gauge everyone's interest to see if it is even worth creating an app or website.


Please take a few moments to answer a few questions.

  1. What mobile apps do you use for aquaponics?  
  2. What websites do you use, and for what?
  3. What features would you like to see in an app.


Depending on the responses, we will look into a mobile website, or a mobile application.  






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I don't constantly salt my systems.  I have one small quarantine system that I might salt occasionally if new fish I get seem to have an illness or parasite.

If some one were constantly adding salt to keep their system at 1-2 ppt, then there could definitely be problems.

My two big systems I have never added salt to and yet, I just got my first pro water tests back and I think I may be seeing some build up of sodium and chloride.  And to my utter shock, according to them I don't have enough calcium or carbonate or even bicarbonates and yet they say my pH is still 7.2.


But this is a thread about android apps and not chemistry so this hijack should probably get moved elsewhere.


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