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My next project is underway.  I'm going to be setting up a wireless webcam that can stream, or just take snapshot every couple of minutes, I also want it to be web enabled so I can view my system through the web,  as well as being able to move the the webcam into multiple positions (view fish tank, grow beds, sump etc...).  I'm going to be using Raspberry Pi as the webcam server.  here is a youtube  example of what I'm thinking.

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Well after much trial and error this week, I finally got my logitec C270 webcam up and streaming through my Raspberry Pi.   I was finally able to get the Raspberry Pi to work wirelessly using a Patriot Memory wireless USB adapter (PCBOWAU2-N).  So now next on the agenda (part 2) will be to port forward my internal network stream to the web, so I can view my webcam anywhere over the web.  Then it will be a matter of setting up the webcam in my aquaponic garden, I still want to be able to manipulate the camera (using an Arduino board and servo motors) so not to have a permanent fixed position, and be able to control the movement over the web (web page with up, down, left, right arrows) -  so that will be part 3 of this project....

Picture of the Raspberry Pi from the webcam..


What you are doing here is really cool, now I have to figure out how to motivate myself.

Thanks David, you can do it! It's all about taking the first step. I had no idea how to do this stuff either, then a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the Arduino boards and now im hooked. I would suggest looking online and look up arduino projects and see what other people have done, then look up arduino sensors. You'll start putting 2 and 2 together and your first projectwill be started. You also have me to help if you need it.


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