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I have my system now covered in a large hoop house. The temperature starts rising as soon as the sun hits it. Yesterday it got to 52 in there. But it started at 32. The water temp just doesn't seem to catch up, will this happen or is it not? If I turn on the recycle and pump the garden water through the system to the fish the fish temp starts dropping down to 64. And that is only letting it cycle a couple of hours to keep ammonia and bacteria flowing. So far good on that. Now I know lettuce grows and my cilantro is doing fine. Peppers are looking a bit droopy after last nights low. Is it feasible to put heat, maybe through a pop can heater to the hoop house to help with the temps? I have two Heim 300 watt in my 300 gallon fish tank and they are doing fine. The water temp now with two is much better held at 75 than before with one. But the garden water brings the temp down and I don't want to shock the fish. Jim, all the fish are doing great! so big and beautiful! I could only afford 4 mil plastic on the hoop house covering 64+ sq ft of grow space on DWC. I didn't get a tomato one through the summer. The blooms just fell off due to humidity and heat. Now I have lots of little green tomatoes but don't want to pull the plants so as to not shock the system. They do a great deal of the filtering right now as lettuce and peppers among a few other things don't have the root system the tomatoes do.

So question is what do I grow that grows well in this (my first year) and any ideas of the heat of the garden water? My fish are in an insulated building built like my house with six inch walls and fiberglass insulation with two skylights. The room stays fairly warm. fish seem happy.

I hate not knowing what I am doing if that makes sense. I read and read and derive bits of info here and there but still feel like a fish out of water. I am not even sure I am a gardener of any sort these days.

Thanks for all your help, Charly

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I would recommend starting with the extension office's planting calendar. You can find it here:

Cool! I did not think of that! Thank you!


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