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I want to pick up 10 baby tilapia and some duckweed.  Where can I do this?  I live in downtown Phoenix.


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Hi Brian,


You may want to read the following first:


Good luck                                                                                                                     


Are you looking for all male, mixed, or a specific breed?  I sell mixed sex Nile, but right now we don't have any fry and are waiting for another breeding. I expect to have some available in a month. We're in north Gilbert. You can also check Craigslist, too. There's another person down in the south Gilbert area that sells has been selling all-male, mixed breed tilapia.

Do you have a system set up for the fish and the duckweed?

I have a big pond built up.  I haven't gotten the whole system running.  I want to get some fish in there to kill mosquito larva right now and start growing some duckweed.

For the larvae, the fastest solution might be to can get mosquito fish from Maricopa Fish & Game. They're free, just bring a container. Call first to make certain they have some available. Mosquito fish live well with Tilapia, too.

Because fry are so small, they won't do much for your larvae or nitrates for a while. In the meantime, you can use the mosquito fish & fishless cycling, or use goldfish to get your system cycled. You have a few options.

Tilapia will eventually eat all your duckweed, so you'll need to grow it on the side to replenish. It can be challenging to grow, but we finally got it going really well. It doesn't do well in the higher temperatures, so a well-shaded area might work.


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