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I just wanted to pass along this new book I've been reading from Growing Power's Will Allen. Good food is why we all are here right, well this book is all about Will's life and his struggles to become an awesome urban farmer. I got a copy from my local library so I would highly suggest getting a copy.

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If you have never heard of Will Allen here is a Wiki:

He is an incredible individual. McArther Genius Award winner, one of Time Magazine's 100 must influential people and leader in Aquaponics!

McArther Genius Award:

Time magazine:,29569,198...

Will Allen's growing power aquaponcis YouTube:

He was a huge influence with me getting into aquaponics, thanks for the links. His operation is a future dream of mine.

Thx, David. I've watched his video & will keep an eye out for his book at the library.

Purchased the book. More than worthwhile.

Thanks, I ordered it on my Kindle.. I have been following Will Allen for a while and I would love to visit someday.  My sister lives close to them so I may go next year.


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