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Ive been thinking of this idea for a while and also have talked to some interested people about it. Im fairly confident in saying that most hydro stores have a lot of what us ap people need. Besides fish food what other products are needed?

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Water test kits. Most importantly I've found the hydro stores don't have a good understanding of how aquaponics works vs hydroponics. Though related they are NOT the same and can act very differently. I could talk about this for hours.

I agree with Dr. George. Knowledge is a big thing. We tend to teach them more than we learn.
We have to go to the hardware store for PVC pipes and fittings, larger pumps, etc.
Deeper grow beds a min of 14" deep would be great, as well as fish tanks. And a variety of media that might include expanded shale.

Oh, and fish. :)

I concur with Dr. Brook and Sheri. It would be nice to have all the things we need in one place. Knowledge and materials and fish and food. I'm finding that I'm the one educating the hydroponic store people.

Maybe you should open an aquaponic store ;D for the rest of us since we are growing fast. 

Would anyboby be up to the idea of a Co-op ?

Has anyone taking a trip to Tucson lately. They seem to be really moving on this subject (that is making aquaponics work). Here is the link to their page. I am thinking about going down to this meeting on June 5th just to observe.

Great ideas! I love the Co-op idea, but (showing my ignorance here), can co-ops have multiple outlets? Phoenix is very expansive, and the distance from one end to another is about the same as the distance from Phx to Tucson. I think anything done should be adaptable to multiple regions.

Tucsonap is inspiring. I would hope something up here would emphasize more than the food shortage fears (all valid). sustainability, personal responsibility/independence, etc. are valid concerns as well.

Perhaps a gathering is in line? Maybe we can host something in one of the VPA's rooms. A Phoenix AP Think Tank of sorts.


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