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Since I seem to be on a "learn as you go" plan, I am realizing that getting some shade over the system is surging to the top of my priority list.

So...what kind of shade cloth is recommended?  They seem to range from around 50% to 80%.  I am wondering if you shade too much, will that be a problem for the plants?   This also seems to be a seasonal even if 80% if ok for the summer, would I need to take it down in the winter when 80% might be too much?

This early learning curve sure is steep!  It seems that the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know.  

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I'm using 50% seems to work out okay. 

Yes, you will want to take it down in late September or early October; goes up in early May

Experience - what you get right after you needed it...

LOL.   That last line is a perfect encapsulation so far!

I'm using 50% as well, I got mine from home depot, was a little on the expensive side, but I paid for the convenience of having it now, than to wait a few days for delivery.  I concur with Jim, shade cloth is a "summer" thing out here, and will be taken down in winter.  I plan to replace the shade cloth with green house plastic covering in the winter and walla! That should help keep things warm in the winter.

Dennis from Gardenpool recommended me use 40%, I found a piece 12'x30' for 65 in Amazon.


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