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Is there anyone in the valley that sells their red wigglers?  I did find a fair price online but definitely would rather support locally and we are willing to travel.  :)  Let me know!!

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I got most of my red wrigglers from ugrow.

Hmmm. Well, I recently bought some from Home Grown Hydroponics. $15 for about 300. I now have three composters in my kitchen (2 buckets and one modeled after the Worm Farm idea, but made from Rubbermaid storage bins). They're eating pretty much all our scraps. We'll be working on an outdoor worm composter soon. Probably in Spring.

I did not...i actually just ended up getting 1/8 of a lb online but I did get contacted by Adam Hamilton who is the local guy everyone was talking about.  He's on this site now so I think you can just directly message him. 

Sheri, I made my little composter with some small bins and set in my kitchen.  Next morning 6 dead dried worms on  the ground.  So I tried to make a seal around it and it didn't work.  I finally just put the bin on top of my aquaponic grow bed and said "If they get out, at least they can get somewhere safe."  Next morning....ALL GONE.  I guess they migrated to a more "suitable" environment. I haven't dug through the bed for evidence cause I finally got some pumpkin and corn going.  I guess I'm on to another experiment.....


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