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Not reporting a thing. Just an old pic I came across I thought you might enjoy.


P.S. Yes it is real.

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Wow, you've at this for awhile.

Where is this mag and why havent you shared it with me?

@Jeremy K. Yes, I've been around. I'll tell the story one day.

@Dave. Aquaculture magazine was the international industry standard and information source until the recession hit it and they closed in 2008. We really miss them now. I was a periodic contributor and there is an article I wrote associated with the photo. I will post it as soon as I can convert it to a PDF under 1 meg in size. Past editions of the full magazine are however on the shelf in the ASU main campus science library. 

P.S. The photo is a snap-shot of some of the middle school educational work we were doing using aquaculture as the core. Here is a link to an abstract from the World Aquaculture Society describing some of our results:


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