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Hello all.  Just joined this group & I am about to put my first system together.  I was planning to use few ibc totes, but I am tempted to use an in-ground pond in my backyard to keep the fish.  It is fairly a large pond 30'x17'x2' and 30' higher than my garden area and 200' away.  I can modify a lot of these things (such as moving the growing bed closer to pond or other ideas).  I'm hoping to brainstorm with couple of people to come up with a system that makes sense before I get too far in.  I live by Arrowhead and would appreciate feedback or anyone is willing to spend few minutes looking at location.  thanks, mehrzad 623-252-5292

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Are you a gardener?

What kind of fish are you planning for?

How big is your garden going to be?

Not knowing your plan or experience, I would recommend using an IBC tote for your fish and and and maybe a second tote for a sump. both could be re-purposed down the road. Gold fish are good for starters and inexpensive ($0.29 ea for red comets. Keep it small and minimize piping.

I live near North Mountain on 12th St at Mercer and have two years of success and failure under my belt and am willing to show you what I have done.

 Bob 602-799-7208


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