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My New book on how to convert a splash pool to aquaponics is now available on Amazon. "The 3-Hour Farm."

Greetings all. As you know I design aquaponic systems a little differently than most with the eye on simplicity, low cost and to be very very productive. I also take a long time to verify that they work well and my apologies for that. Well now that testing period is over and I have released the step by step to build a system many of of you have requested in the form of an E-Book on Amazon. It is called the 3 hour farm because once you assemble the parts, it is possible to covert a readily available backyard splash pool to aquaponics from scratch in 3 hours. 

Here is the Amazon link:

Below is the table of contents so you know what you are getting:

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: Grow Your Health, Grow Your Wealth 8
The Power of IBC Aquaponics 10
Poolponics 12
Self Contained Aquaponics (S-CAp) 12
CHAPTER 2: Converting a Pool 17
Parts List 17
Building The Foundation 21
Building the pool 22
Lining the Pool 23
Placing the Liner in the Pool 24
Filling the Pool 24
CHAPTER 3: Building the Fish Tank and Clarifier 25
The Fish Tank 26
The Build 27
The Waste Removal System 31
Building the Fish Tank Fish Filter (Part E) 33
Preparing the Clarifier Tank 34
Nutrient Discharge System configurations 37
CHAPTER 4: The Rafts 38
Making the Rafts 38
CHAPTER 5: Installing the Air System 40
Components 40
Placing the air pumps 40
Connecting the Air Systems 41
Adjusting the water flow rate 42
CHAPTER 6: Operating Tips 44
What can you grow? 44
Harvesting the Plants 46
The Fish Tank Screen to prevent the fish from jumping out 47
Harvesting the Fish 48
Feeding the Fish through the Airlift Pump 48
Alternate System Configurations 48
Going Vertical 50
Grow Bed & Fish Tank Carrying Capacity 50
How many fish can the fish tank actually hold? 51
Under Stocking 52
How many fish can be stocked in a tank? 53
Fish Tank and Clarifier Water Turnover Rates 53
Biofiltration in the Root Zone 54
How many pounds/kg of fish can actually be produced? 55
How many pounds/kg of fruit and vegetables can be produced? 56
Getting more value from the Root Zone 56
Snails 58
Aeration 58
Facebook Page 58
CHAPTER 7: Conclusions 59

Hope you find it useful. Please let me know if there are any purchasing issues.

P.S. You know until I printed out this table of contents, I really did not know I put this much info it there. Cool!

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Awesome!  Can't wait to give it a read Dr Brooks.

Thank you. Looking forward to your review. Always trying to make things better.

Also if you have any difficulties downloading let me know. ;-)

Great job, Dr. Brooks.  Really enjoyed your book!  Gave me lots of ideas... now to talk the hubby into implementing with me :)

Thank you and good luck!!! Please post pictures!!!!

Liz & Dan said:

Great job, Dr. Brooks.  Really enjoyed your book!  Gave me lots of ideas... now to talk the hubby into implementing with me :)


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