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Good morning my friends. Got a question for you. Well, 2 questions actually. In your opinion is backyard aquaponics affordable and/or cost effective?

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Affordable : Definitely.  A system can be built on just about any budget.

Cost Effective : Not in financial terms with regards to produce savings.  Or, at least, not with the results I've had so far.

However, it is a relatively cheap hobby/interest for me, and is teaching my daughter many lessons.   That, along with valuable family together time makes it a worthy expense.

Affordable - Yes!

Cost effective - if you consider; 1. The crop is edible (mostly)

                                              2. The crop is organic

                                              3. You know the source of your seed (No BMO's I hope)

                                              4. If you are using solar or wind power

                                              5. If you are harvesting fish

                                              6. If you and your family are deriving educational benifits

                                              7. If you live aquaponics


Thank you. Keep them cards and letters coming folks ;-)

It can be affordable, systems can be built out of just about anything that will hold water and many of the parts can be scrounged from other projects. 

I personally have spent a lot of money on different pumps and containers, and you can literally go hog wild buying from Aquaponic companies already built systems an such.  There are many expensive products on the market designed to make these new companies rich, including organic feeds.

I agree with Robert that it is cost effective when considering the end product is organic, healthy, and good for the environment, a great hobby and a way to befriend many like minded people.  Priceless!!

I spent ALOT of money initially for my AP system. Close to $1000 just for my IBC beds plus the plumbing. I bought fingerlings and feed which so far has come out to about $9 a pound for harvested meat.

So  far dollars invested compared to food produced, I am well behind.

BUT... a recent trip to Walmart and looking at current produce  prices, I am convinced that is changing.  i am going to be able to produce food at a reasonable price PLUS I know where that food is coming from. It is NOT from from some Chinese/Brazilian/Mexican farm using whatever for fertilizer. It is at least MY whatever...

 I got into aquaponcs nine months ago because I already had an IBC tote so the rest was easy (right). I've spent well over $5000 and have produced 800 tilapia from an original 5 free fish. I'm also proud to say I've grown 3 small peppers (but that was in the beginning). Is it worth it? Hell yeah. I couldn't ask for a more relaxing and enjoyable hobby. I have no delusions of making or saving money with this although I can see how it could be easy to do.  

Its may be or not, it’s totally depends on you that what size of system you want to set up for backyard. And you must know that, Is it for commercial use or it is set up for home use through this we can estimate about it that how much cost will be invested Or if you want to set up big commercial system them the cost of the system will be higher than home system. If you would like to more information then check out @


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