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  • August 1, 2012

    Greetings. I am giving an intro workshop on how aquatic gardening may help improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) achievement in the classroom including a tour of the new Roosevelt School District Culinary & Wellness Center. The program will include a q & a session and two case studies from Phoenix area teachers who have used aquaponics in their classrooms.


    5:00 - 5:45pm Hands on classroom aquaponics demonstration. Valley View Orchard Community Learning Center. 911 W. Baseline Rd. Phoenix Az.

    6:00 pm Tour of the newly completed Roosevelt School District Culinary & Wellness Center 1030 E. Baseline Rd. Phoenix Az 85042


    6:30 pm Educational Program: Aquatic Gardening in the Class Room. Roosevelt School District Culinary & Wellness Center 1030 E. Baseline Rd. Phoenix Az 85042

    You are fee to attend both sessions or any part.
    Supplemental information:
    The Arizona Department of Health Services has identified school gardens as a powerful means of improving student health and academic success. We agree. Not only does it allow hands on instruction in a wide variety of academic disciplines (see below), it works to directly address student health issues like obesity and diabetes that impede their ability achieve.

    Along with traditional school garden, aquaponics (in-classroom fish and vegetable gardening) is a powerful and cost effective new educational technique that is expanding across the nation including school in Phoenix and Tucson. 

    Az. Department of Health Services Healthy Student Recommendations:

    Az Depart of Health Services School Garden Guidelines:

    Arizona Children use Aquaculture to compete in International Science Fair:

    STEM Disciplines taught though aquaponics: Biology, ecology, zoology, botany, chemistry, development, engineering, agriculture technology, physics, mathematics, meteorology, agriculture, business, sustainability, nutrition and more.


    RSVP is REQUIRED: Seating is limited
    RSVP to:
    NOTE: This event is sponsored by RighTrac Inc.

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Thanks for the great program Doc! 

I appreciated the view of the 911 Baseline Hydroponics set up and wish I could have stayed for the class afterwards. Hopefully there will be more of these in the future

DR. can you share the presentation on google drive or send me a copy. I want to forward the presentation to my local school. My email is If you can't send it that's ok, I'm just to far away to see your presentation.

Greetings Irvin. For some reason I did not see your request till now. That particular presentation was not recorded. However here is a TEDx Talk I did recently on the subject that may be of interest.


Link to talk:


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