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I need anyone that knows about dirt, hydroponic, container gardening or any other type of easy garden ways that ordinary folks could get started? I want to reach out to people in low income areas of town that need a helping hand with their food supply. These gardens will work in dirt or not. 

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Sheri, what is the major advantage with the square foot gardening? Im assuming you have had time with it? Would that type of gardening work with containers?

Hi David,

Here's a good article I read on how to determine your soil type by the weeds that are growing in it. At the end of each type they give you tips on what to do to make it better for growing. You might be able to amend their existing soil and allow them to grow in what they already have... "Listen to your weeds" 

If they don't have any, I agree working on square foot gardening would be great but the soil mix can be a little pricey to get started. I hear that using the same soil blend works well in containers too.... "Mels Mix"

Good luck with your new project!

David, that's a really nice idea!

As I mentioned in the text (I'll list it here for others, too), Square Foot Garden soil (mulch, vermiculite and peat) has great benefits:

  • Uses less space than traditional gardens
  • Uses less water
  • Uses little to no fertilizing
  • Provides instantly excellent soil without years of working and re-working
  • Never needs tilling and weeds are a cinch to pull.
  • Easier than dirt-based gardening and aquaponics.

The downside is, as Justin mentioned, the cost. Up front it's expensive. In the long run cheaper than dirt-based gardening, and it pays for itself in a few seasons, but low income people might not be able to handle the up-front costs.

In a 4'x4' garden (cost ranging from $60-$150, depending on the materials used) you can grow a tomato plant, lettuce, radishes, and chives, along with some greens. 

Yes, you can do this in containers, but most crops only need to be 6" deep, so you can waste money on the soil mixture by using deeper containers.


Nice article, Justin! Thanks for posting it!

Everyone I know who uses square foot gardening LOVES it! 

David, you might like the group on FB called Modern Victory Gardens. It's average people, often poor people, gardening


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