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I was recommended to this community and I am really impressed with the layout.


I have been active on some of the Australian Forums, but I didn't know that AZ had a local group.


I am happy to be here.


Here are some pics of my first attempt at aquaponics. I will be making a shade this weekend. The AZ sun is toasting my plants.


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Welcome! You'll definitely need some shade fabric especially during our summers. I am still in the planning phases of my aquaponics system and have been acquiring materials here and there and finally have most of what I need to get started. I've learned a lot in the short time that I have been apart of this group which hasn't even been a week yet. It is good to meet you Aaron!

Hi Aaron, and welcome.  You've definitely come to the right group .  We in Arizona are an active bunch, and from what I've noticed one of the most active of the groups.  If you need any advice, we're here to help.

Thanks for the welcome. I hope to be out to see your setups and show mine off when it takes off. I will post up some more pictures when I build my shade.

I recommend you use 40-50% shade cloth from either Amazon or Home Depot.

Hi Aaron, glad to see you found us finally.

How are those baby fish you got doing?

I think most the babies got eaten by my goldfish in the pond. Luckily I put some in my son's ten gallon tank to grow out. They should be ready to move on in a month or two.

Bummer Aaron!!!

Let me know when you want some more, I'll take care of you. 

That was my bad, I didn't think they going straight into your system when I said they would be okay... (duh)

sorry again,


No problem. Let me know the next time your fish breed and I will stop by. No worries about the fish. Now I know to get them when they are an inch long, so the goldfish will leave them alone.

Aaron if you don't mind me asking what size tubs, piping and pump are you using for this setup?

Looking at the pics, I'd say 3/4 inch pvc - any takers?  Bets are on the table....

I believe the fish tank is 170 gallons and the grow bed is 60 gallons with no media.


The pump is a pondmaster 700 gph

I have 3/4 pvc running from the pump and into the grow bed. The outlet is 3/4" with a 1" inlet on the top to assist starting the syphon.

I have a 2" bell with a 3" strainer. 


I could never get the Bell Syphon to stop on its own, so I added the airline tubing on the top and that solved everything. I have been running now for 6 months with no issues.


I still haven't built a shade, but I am getting around to it. If I had the option I would put the FT below ground to help with the temps. My water cooks. I have been floating frozen 2 liter bottles to help with the heat.


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