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I have Tilapia and catfish, I need food for them. I am near Tucson can anyone help?

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Can't help you with the food, but may I ask where you acquired the catfish, what size and pricing?  Thanks.

I'd like to know about the catfish also.

Whereabouts near Tucson?

I know that Taylor Feed, way out on Golf Links at Harrison, carry catfish least they did. About three years ago when I thought I'd be getting catfish, I got a 50 lb bag for about $35 I think. (I decided against catfish because of all the guv'ment permit/fee stuff required.) So if that's too far to go, contact your local feed stores to see who carries it.

I get Pond Pellets for my tilapias at WalMart...10 lb bag for around $20. The pet stores want way too much for the same bag. EcoGrow on the NW side may be able to help if you're on that side; they're always advertising on Craigslist too...they deal a lot with aquaponics.

Thanks for the responses, I got my catfish and tilapia fingerlings from "tilapia Depot" they are out of Florida ph 360-340-1000. I paid $1.99 each. They ship over night and all were alive . I also bought food from them but the dogs ate it, go figure

I just looked at your profile and see you are in McNeal...a search for Purina AquaMax catfish food shows there are two feed stores you might call:

TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY 1871 215 W 9TH ST DOUGLAS, AZ 85607 Phone No: 615-366-4600 Fax No: 615-366-4700

HIGH LONESOME TRADING CO. 10343 HWY 191 ELFRIDA, AZ 85610 Phone No: 520-642-9343 Fax No: 520-642-3831


Here's website for the feed:

Thank you Pam, didn't think about Tractor Supply, they are new to the area. Yes I live in McNeal, I was in Tucson yesterday shopping so I thought I would try


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