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I am comming to phoenic this month and wanted to see an aquaponics set up if anyone is willing.  Off the subject i am a fossil rockhound and want to know a good place to start looking. Please write me people

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I am the creator of the Arizona aquaponics group and I would love for you to come see what I have going now and in the near future. David- 602-561-7069

Hi, you're welcome to come see mine. it's not quite ready but it's always nice to share what I have done so far. Maybe you can arrange to see Dave's and mine the same day. You can follow him to my house. Let us know. 

Yeah,  I would like to see it, I found that I can get tilapia just down the road a couple miles at the local fish farm.  They had mentioned to me that it only takes 90 day to take the fish to eating size with proper feeding depending on the size purchased.  They had said 35 cents a piece and i assume i could keep a few for breeders for the next year?


35 cents...what's the size of the tilapia? 90 day period for an eating size tilapia might not be a realistic timeline for an at home fish breeder. Fish farms can do it because they feed the fish aggressively and use hormones for rapid growth and sex conversion.(check out the tilapia breeding forum about that subject.) The normal tilapia table size is about 18 months. And yes you want to have a colony of fish for breeding, 1 male for 2-5 might find that some male and female might not be compatible or you might need to remove an aggressive female from the colony...

It seems that you will be here over spring break. I'm sorry but I will be out of town that week... Next time you come make sure to let me know. 

Could you do a video clip your set up, it would be helpful. Send to  What is a good size and cost for tilipia that can be grown out during the summer?  I have not enen got a set up yet but i have a metal frame for a shed that i could transform into a row of grow plants in a long pipe that would empty into a pond, currently i hve a used swimming pool that i am being given.  I was thinking of running a pipe with the plants in front of my cattery to attract birds and dump into a settling tank which would be above the fish tank and drain into it, and then a raft system over the water of the pond.  Thats my thoughts anyway.

I'm not sure what the price of tilapia would be. I got a good deal on mine because someone really nice got them for me. I'm sure others can tell you the price range for tilapia sizes. 

I will make a video and post it on this forum and send it to you too if you'd like. Are you driving or flying here. I might be able to give you some of my fish since they are growing fast. It might not be enough for your swimming pool size but it will be a start. Let me check what I can do. I can leave them with Dave.

Good idea on your plans. Just make sure you have enough grow bed for the size of your swimming pool. Draw a plan and post it on the forum so everyone can offer you their thoughts and suggestions on it.

i guess the swimming pool is 2500 gallon


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