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The person I bought my system from said that there have been AP tours mentioned on this forum before.  I know the east valley permaculture alliance has their yearly "tour de coops" for chicken lovers (I'm so excited-it's Nov 16 FYI!).  Anyone know if there is a date I can look out for for AP tours and pond tours?  thx!  

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Hi Kim:

Our first tour was on Cinco de Mayo 2013 and it was fairly well attended. 

We toured 5 sites, Matt, Sheri and Bob, Stephanie, Bob Rowe and mine.

The 4th of July tour in the cooler Verde Valley fell flat. Not sure why, distance and the holiday certainly had an impact.

If there is interest in this thread we can certainly do it again.

We had originally intended to do an "in group" tour to get more acquainted with each other, and then focus on a community-wide tour, much like the Tour De Coops. As Jim said, we had the group tour. It would be nice to start planning a larger, public tour. Right now I'm in the middle of offering classes, but I'll certainly offer assistance if anyone wants to take the lead!

Sheri, thx for the info.  I'm trying to consider what would go into coordinating a larger public tour and I could see how that would take some planning.  I'd be willing to help as well but my time is limited, too, as far as taking the lead.  anyone willing at any point, feel free to keep me in mind as a helper.  I should have more time on my hands later, too. 

My system was the first on the tour and I was really surprised by the amount of people. 

I'm sure they would not have all fit in my backyard at one time.  I don't think I would look forward to having hundreds of people tread through... 

I was good with the organization last time and the big bucks were a bonus too!  The BBQ was the bomb, thanks, Dave!

too bad I missed it!  maybe there'll be a "next time!"  :)

A public one would probably go much like the Tour De Coops. The sites would be open all day, and people would be free to hit the sites in the order they choose. On the Tour De Coops we had a lot of people come through, but never too many at one time.

It would take a committee, a lot of volunteers, and some good sponsors to make it happen.

For the Record I think fish are way better than chickens. I would show my system. Chad 602-909-6858.

Thx Chad.  I may take u up on that offer at some point!  I will say, it is kinda hard to get as excited as I was before, now that I've started aquaponics.  :) 


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