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Browsing through the AZ AP posts, it appears to be customary to introduce oneself. I stumbled upon AP in a free E-book from Amazon. I'd like to start a system and right now am in the "research phase". I live halfway between Vail and Sonoita and hope to go off-grid soon. My main concern is the pumping requirements for an ebb and flow system. Right now I have enough solar capability to handle most of my household needs but adding a 24/7 water pump may be stretching it. I have a lot of reading to do.


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I think it would only be worth while if the system were small.  With a large system the cost of circulating 24/7 would be applied to a much larger grow bed array.   But for a small system where pennies count and the harvest is small, I think there are ways to make an ebb&flow work.

Sean-Michael Gettys said:

interesting bob. A bit more complex than what I see a lot of people doing but not much. 


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