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I have often wondered why there is belief that Asian carp has a bad taste. I actually enjoyed the taste on the few occasions that I had a chance to eat them (on my visits to the Asian Sub-continent). I also think that Asian Carp would be an excellent addition / alternative to Tilapia in a controlled environment , as in Aquaponics, as they are not too sensitive to cold temperatures and can be feed a range of food including waste greens and other farm produce.

Here is an interesting article on a "Blind Taste" by the Missouri Department of Conservation as to " Asian carp stacked up agains tilapia and channel catfish".


'...a recent issue of “In-Fisherman Magazine” included an article on a carp taste test. Here’s what that article had to say:

“As with other carp species, preconceived notions of poor taste leave the public less than willing to put Asian carps on the table. We conducted a test to see how Asian carp stacked up against tilapia and channel catfish, two commonly consumed freshwater species. The test was done by the Missouri Department of Conservation at a Mississippi River Day event at Southeast Missouri State University. Participants, which included a wide demographic from small kids to grandparents, were given an approximately one-ounce serving of tilapia, catfish and Asian carp, all prepared the same way (either steamed or fried) without knowledge of what species they were eating.

“The taste test showed that Asian carp were preferred nearly two to one over tilapia and catfish, regardless of cooking method. Filleting Asian carp boneless takes practice but in short order you can have it mastered. Check YouTube for a three-part Louisiana Sea Grant video called ‘Flying Fish, Great Dish’ for instructions on how to clean Asian carp, along with recipes.”

You can read the full article here


God bless

You can read the full article at 

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One of the best way to get rid of pest species is to decide they are food.


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