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Hey folks - I am very new here and very interested in getting started with a small single barrel system to learn the basics of it all. I am "fishing around" (pun intended) for some good plans for a single barrel system that uses a bell siphon. Something with enough detail that it hopefully save me some time in the trial and error portion of system design.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!! Thank you,


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Chris Smith makes little single barrel set ups, perhaps try contacting him or check his pictures to see if any of them can help you.

I don't recall having seen any designs with step by step instructions for making specifically a single barrel system.

Do keep in mind that a single barrel system is really small and will probably have temperature stability problems if outdoors in a climate with extreme temperatures.

there is a down loadable pdf book called barrelponics  you may want to look at

Small is a good way to learn. :)  A bell siphon will take up a huge chunk of your grow space. You could consider a timer or an external siphon.

Wow - quick replies guys. What a terrific forum! I have a copy of the barrel-ponics manual, but have some different specs in mind. I'll contact Chris Smith and see what he has to say. I'll also keep my fingers crossed that someone has a good write up out there. If not, maybe I will be the guy to put the single barrel write up together!

Go for it! That's how we all learn. :)

Hi Tony, My thoughts are bigger is better for most thing in life and i believe it applies to aquaponics as well. A single barrel cut down to a fish tank and a grow bed would be harder to manage than a 55 gallon aquarium. But maybe that is all you have room for, So hear goes. Grow bed needs to be atleast 12" deep. Fill with peagravel, Build a bell syphon that drains to the fish tank. Some lettuce seeds and a few goldfish and you are on your way. Good luck buddy!!!!


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