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OK so today im glueing pipes together for a CHIFT PIST system with a SLO. Then i remembered something about a CHOP1 and a CHOP2 system. So i stopped and came to the computer. I want to have the best system or hybrid system possible. I cant remember what CHOP1 and CHOP2 is. Someone please help me out with the difference. OK now im going back out to the barn to finish my APWCTAATW, Air Powered Water Circulators That Also Aerate's The Water.

Im not trying to be a smart a$$. Please help with the acronims

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Also in this pic you can see the clear PVC, this is where i can see if the line is getting overwhelmed.

Near the door you can see a camlock fitting, I put it here so i can clean out the combined outlet or hook up a hose to connect summer tanks that will be outside of the insulated room.

Its hard to see in this pic but the pipe tee's and runs along the wall and through the wall behind the IBC's

@Tony - Where did you find the 2" PVC?

Bob Rowe

I got the clear 2" PVC at USA Plastics in Lima Ohio, I got a 4' piece for $45.



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