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I need to move some koi about 5 miles away.  Anyone know of a battery powered aerator?  I want to move the koi in an IBC in a trailer.

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Moving only 5 miles and if you have aeration at the destination, if you are only moving a small number or small fish and won't waste any time leaving them sit around in the transport tank, you can probably just GO.

If you want to be a little more relaxed about the trip.  Then just get a battery and an inverter to plug in a regular aerator of the correct size for the tank/fish load.

Most of the little battery powered aerators I've seen are more on the order of a couple D or C cells powering a little aerator for a bait bucket.

there is a small one I got at Petco.  Probably need several.  Runs on 2 'D' batteries

Phil, is this for the trailers you had made?  And how often are you going to do this, is it a one time move or more?



  Depending on the amount and size of your koi, 5 miles would be no problem without an aerater.  If you are concerned with any incident along the way, just purchase an aerater at any large chain pet store in your area.  They are handy anytime you need to aerate your tanks in the case of a power failour.  Most run on DC batteries but you can find a few that will run on 121V.  As was stsated, get one that can be used in any 12V vechicle.

White Bear

FWIW. I have been using TC's method of an inverter and a descent size aerator for long transports for some time now. That way you are not limited to the size of your aerator and an IBC ain't exactly a "bait bucket". I know of no d cell units big enough for such and you will spend a ridiculous amount of moolah if such does exist. You can use the same inverter (30.00 for a 400/800 at Harbor Freight)  to power your system in a power failure as well. Been there done that also. I my case pond pump and aerators. And they are so handy to have in your vehicle to power laptops, etc., anyhow.

  All of you have provided me with the solution needed.  Thanks guys for all the input.

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