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We have had channel cats in the tank for 66 days. In the beginning there were 30 fingerlings, plus 5 goldfish. Within the 1st 2 weeks, 4 of the goldfish made the ultimate sacrifice. The #5 goldfish (we call him Newt, because he will not give up) is still surviving with the catfish. Anyway, in the last 11 days we have lost 4 catfish. Every 2-3 days I have found a half eaten fish floating in the tank. The rest of the fish look and act healthy. I have noticed several that have a calico marking on their backs and I believe this may be an indication of the problem. Any advice?

This is the best pic I could get.

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discussions like this are helpful. I'm about to buy some catfish and had heard they could have health problems but salting the water tends to help, now I understand what that means in more depth

Before you load those cats in a tank, salt it per directions to 1 ppt by volume of water in the tank.   It help them with stress.  I am getting 300 Monday and the tank is salted to 1 ppt and ready for them.


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