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so i ran a batch of compost tea through my system and the PH was neutral before i did, now it is 8.0. the spinach and basil r looking pretty bad, but the lettuce seems all right. at first i thought it was magnesium and/or calcium deficiency, but with the ph that high i would say that is probably it. btw the r/o water i am using is 6.5. any clues to how this happened? and what should i do, short of buying ph down. i tried putting some crushed eggshells in there yesterday (pretty hard to do), no effect yet. i tried to ul pics, but my camera is on the fritz i will try again later.  

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oh good i am glad that that really works. i was told to do this by a friend and i thought she was crazy, but i c otherwise now. so i did that and come to find out it fizzed like crazy. this really sucks. i could have put the 10$ from the ph down in to new media. so now i got a new forum topic, "what kind of media?"

 btw it might be interesting to know that i used this media about 10 mos w/o problems.


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