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Every time I have a nutrient deficiency with my plants, I have to ask the same questions and I'm sure that a lot of other aquapons feel the same way. I thought, wouldn't  be nice to have an alphabetized list of minerals etc that people have used and I will do as much research on that element (with everyones help) and I will compile all that info and then eventually print it out and I will try to post what I have. I'm open to any feedback that any of you have? Let me know of any thing you've tried and your results. I will be looking at the name of the mineral and any generic names, What it will do to your PH, How it can or will react to other ingredients in your system, Where the ingredient can be found. Some of this may require some experimentation. I've also posted this to minerals in aquaponics

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Good idea. I don't have any personal nutrient info but I have found a lot of information from Dr. Nate Storey at Bright Agrotech. He has lots of information and a Nutrient Deficiency key available.

I love the videos that Nate Storey at Bright Agrotech puts out but I bought the Nutrient Deficiency key for only .99 and to be honest with you, it didn't help much at all. I guess you get what you pay for. As I read about ingredients that are out there that people have tried, I'd research it and start an aquaponics  nutrient dictionary. I'm trying to compile as much data as I can and from time to time, I will be posting questions to see if others have tried certain nutrients and what were their results. I know it's not fool proof but I hope it can help. All I ask is that people give me names of nutrients so I can research them. 


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