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My system is in a green house, I started it back in April, 55 gal barrel with catfish and coi, everything was going great. At this point in time.  I am very frustrated. I planted squash, tomatoes, cukes, peppers and zuchinni. everything was going crazy. I was so proud. then we ha no sun light so we had to remove a tree branch to provide more light. that done everything started blooming but the blossoms just fell off. I was told I had too many plants so I ripped some of them out. Now I have four tomatoes, a few pepper plants and one cuke. But there are no bees to pollinate. I tried leaving the door open as an invitation. Now the cukes are loaded with female blossoms but no males what should I do now and the tomato blossoms and pepper blossoms are just falling off the plants. please someone tell me what am I doing wrong??? I live in Virginia Beach Virginia and I would welcome someone to come by and take a look and offer some advice. thank you 

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Deborah Susan Berry said:

thank everyone for your help. I will try anything at this point...what is the best temperature to maintain?

I would start with Citronella candles, But make sure you don't have standing water anywhere, like in a rain barrel, This would be a breeding ground for Mosquitoes.

Has anyone tried having a few citronella plants around?

Dan - I work in a hydro shop and the one type of plant we never have bug problems with are citronella.  I think you're onto something.  I might try planting one or two mixed with your other plants.

Have you tried hanging a few drier fabric softner sheets around the inside of your green house?  Skeeters don't like them.
Deborah Susan Berry said:

also does anyone know how to keep the mosquitoes out of the green house? 

I can tell you that the citnorella plant's really work well.I am helping raise my 3 grandbabies and they were getting eat up with bug bites.After adding 4 plants to my garden no more problem'.


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