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I have a cucumber plant that the leaves are turning yellow and the edges are drying out and dying. I thought at first that it was an iron deficiency but it's the whole leaf is blotchy yellow. I talked with a local garden center and she said it sounds like a magnesium deficiency and give it magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt). I also went to Youtube and it looks like it could be just that. My question is how much Epsom salt should I use? Should I make a foliar spray? How much Epsom salt per Gallon without hurting my fish? 

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I want to thank you all for the great info and videos. I wanted to update you. The videos were great and that free key wasn't free unless you bought something with it. I paid .99 for it. I've got no complaints 'cause it did help. I've been adding Epsom salt for Magnesium deficiency and Maxicrop for potassium. I was going to buy Kelp meal but it was also high in N and my Nitrates are already somewhat high. My question is that I've got some leaves on my cucumber plants with some necrosis. What will happen to those leaves as the plant gets better. Should I cut them off or just leave them and see what happens?

I am in no way a plant expert but when I made adjustments in the past the leaves seemed to come back. I would say if other leaves are doing well and some are still peaked looking I'd take em off to keep from wasting nutrients.

when i look at aquaponics first   i  thought it was so simple, but now all i read is  problems ,.i better give it a miss,.

all the informations  and vidoes  must be lies,..cheers

I wouldn't say it's all about lies. I think it just has a greater learning curve. I can remember when I first got into gardening in dirt, I thought it was so simple until one hornworm totally devastated my tomato plants. I didn't know what a hornworm was and we didn't have the luxury of the internet for the answers. I can think of many times wanting to give it all up. I'm not sure why I didn't other than the fact that I can say I grew that. My aquaponics tank is in my basement and last Christmas, I enjoyed fresh stringbeans and lettuce out of my growbeds. I have a small setup so this year, I will be eating stringbeans, lettuce and cucumbers. This summer, I plan on a nice greenhouse attached to the southern side of my house with at least 5' of it in the ground. I'm always up to a good challenge and so far, this hobby has not been boring. This aquaponics community has a great bunch of people with far more experience than me..I love aquaponics. I get to garden year round...    

Look i forward this type of site to kenyans  and ugand and a little to nigeria,hoping someday they might start,.,.cheers,


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