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I'm looking to begin cycling my system this weekend.  What would you suggest to introduce ammonia into my system to begin the process?  I'm open to suggestions.  Where can I buy this stuff?

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I look forward to hearing about how it is going for you. 

Small design flaw.  Unfortunately I may have to push back cycling until next weekend.

Margaret said:

I look forward to hearing about how it is going for you. 

Roger, I put pool #2 up this morning so I may have plants in it by Sunday. Pushing it I know but I get enthusiastic. Tomorrow I will put the barley hay sack in and a pump. The yard was poisoned by previous tenets and in the tree years I was here I have only gotten a couple of weeds to grow here. Gardening in the back yard has been container... and now I hope to have some fun with the aquaponics. (I started a blog to go with it, but haven't figured out how to put pics there yet) Of course there was the ritual dunking of daushunds in the pool much to their disgust even though it was hot.

Interesting....looks like you're somewhere out southwest...feel your pains.  I wish you the best of luck!

Colorado Springs, Colorado. It seems to me that aquaponics should be just the trick for gardening in high desert conditions. Covering the water should really cut down on evaporation and it will give me something to grow in that isn't scary.

I plan to drop a bag of barley hay in it tomorrow and the pump.


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