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This is my Catfish breeding pond after I re-plumbed it this past summer:

This is my pond since the rains returned:

Note the water position relative to the feeder mast.  The pond has risen over 6 feet and the depth in the middle is about 11 to 12 feet.  The Catfish are happy - Raptors and 'Coons can't get to them very easily - and I just dumped in another 400 - 8 inch Catfish in the pond.  The 4 groups of bubbles are aerators in the pond - the Catfish never had is so good.

I have 21-275 gallon IBC full for about 5,800 gallons in storage and a 2,500 gallon water tank also full.  I have about 8,275 gallons of clean rainwater in addition to 40,000 to 50,000 gallons in the pond.

Next summer we are changing over the tanks to circulate pond water with pumps and filters as standby.

At the end of January we will start selling 1-1/2 pound Rainbow Trout in a farmers' market setting.  Might actually start to see some money coming in from this adventure.

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Very nice Phil, Inspirational. I'm still in the @ 25 fish per tank experimental phase. 2 trout and 1 cats. So far so good

Heck Jim, get a 455 John Deere with a 4-way bucket and dig a mud pond, cut in a couple rainwater swales into it and let mother nature do the rest. A half acre pond can hold a lot of cats.

Sounds like a plan. In fact we have a good rushing stream that just needs a dam (set in a deep gully) and we could raise lots o fish. I have a 2000 Swinger that will do the job but way too many items on the list ahead of this one

An excavator would probably be our best bet. We do have a small pon...

Damns are tough to do on streams because of down stream water rights.  Better to dig the pond and divert the stream into the pond to feed it and then out of the pond and back into the original stream bed.  I agree with using an X.

I don't think this one is big enough and as soon as it reaches the overflow no one should be concerned anyhow. In this area if it is named on a map you're screwed. But if it s small I doubt anyone cares. I could do it as you describe but it would have to be way smaller.

Until we know the truth about chemtrails I don't plan on raising anymore outside anyway. Thus my foray into AP under glass, Here is an interesting (read scary) article on the subject from your area:

Then you know, build the pond in the stream bed, just make sure that it overflows the dam to keep the water flowing down stream.

I'm sure it would so I am hoping to do that before rules get any more insane. Great swimming hole and trout pond as well.

Good branch water also makes good squeezins.


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