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We have our system in an enclosed green house and was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips on how to get rid of algea. It's in the tanks, growbeds and even the greenhouse cover. Does anyone know of a fish and plant friendly way to get rid of the algea?

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Hi Bob, Is the algae turning the system water bright green or is it just showing up in areas where the sun is hitting? The dark green algae that grows on your fish tanks for example is doing no harm but only good and even my trout enjoy munching on it at times. If your water is opaque with bright green algae the main concern is if that colony suddenly dies off you could go into oxygen depletion resulting in fish deaths.

We really need pictures or a better description in order to help. When my system went bright green a year or so ago I simply made a Polyfil (Walmart 10.00) filter out of a 30G barrel (in stock) and a diaper hopper (9.00) from the Dollar Store and by just running the "bypass water" thru that filter the system was completely cleared up in only 2 days. I posted pics and info at my page back then with description. Just click my avatar and ck it out IF that is what you are talking about. There are numerous other methods including installing a UV filter in line that will do the same thing by genetically damaging the algae's ability to reproduce. I like the polyfil filter best as it is very cheap to build, about 20.00 and physically removes the algae on the spot. All you do when the system water clears is shut down the filter and wash out or throw out the filter media.

Keep in mind your system water should see as little daylight as possible for starters. Water level in the beds should be about 2" below the media surface. Prevention goes a long ways.

Just answered this over in another group

surface algae is of little concern but you want to protect your system water from most light so that you don't get the pea soup green water and you don't want floating mats of algae or thick lush string algae.

If you have green water, make sure you have extra aeration going, then by all means add a bit of extra filtration if you like to catch the algae and filter it out but having some of that dieing/decomposing algae in your media beds will actually help some inhibiting future algae blooms but to get the algae to die off the best bet is to block as much light as possible from the water.  Fish usually only need enough light to tell day/night.

Pleco eat surface algae but they won't filter out green water.


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