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I have to ask this simple question. on e you set set up your AP system, does your work efficiency in the garden fall off?

I tend to walk arouNd my pool watchIng my fish, sometimes on my hands and knees so as to not spook the fish. I am watching for spawning behavior or any other action.T hen I look at my watch and realize I spent (NOT WASTED) an inordinate amount of time.... :D :D :D

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Hey Pat, after the storms the other night destroyed my systems and  part of the house the only thing I have done is work.  lol

I have put the systems back together and salvaged most of the plants, repaired my roof, and had about two hours sleep since then.  Yea I got some work done, the only thing I did not have to do much to was the soil garden (small) where I have potato's growimg and canelope.  Looks like most of my AP tomatoes will do ok.  A little pruning and some TLC and tomato sandwiches will be on the menu this summer.

Hey, man. I was real sorry to hear how you  got nailed by those storms. I was blessed that they passed me by..


Aquaponics is pretty good at using up any spare time if you let it. Who is in charge?

Thanks Pat, like I said we just keep on keeping on.  the only other choice is to quite and roll over and I have never been one to roll over for anything.  lol

Pat James said:

Hey, man. I was real sorry to hear how you  got nailed by those storms. I was blessed that they passed me by..

Time goes amazingly fast in the garden.  I was out 2 weeks ago for about 45 minutes adjusting my tomato hangers and trimming, came in and found out it was actually over 4 hours.  Then we had a big storm monday and I spent about 4 hours out there removing the debris from our fish tank shelter and getting both water circulation pumps back up and running.  One was just clogged but the other was frozen so I put in the backup.  Then 2 days ago I removed all the tomato plants and I've been cleaning the grow beds and moving other plants around prepping to plant bush bean seeds, 56 seeds to the grow bed in 3 beds.

Strange thing with the frozen pump.  I took it apart today, had to pry the front cover and impeller out, wiped it out with a napkin, put it back together and it works now.  I didn't find anything in there to block it.

Since putting in bee hives, AP chickens, and rabbits it seems my productivity in the veggie/perennial garden has dramatically dropped off.


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